By using MoneyGiant Ltd, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By using MoneyGiant Ltd, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.


Broker/Us/Our: MoneyGiant Ltd
Client/You: The User/Company/Individual using our services
Lender: The Company used to provide the services you require

1. The Clients obligation to the Broker
The broker relies on the client for the precision of verbal expressions, information and representations notified in inditing to the broker by the client, or by his professional advisers. The client concurs plenarily and plenarily to indemnify the broker from the consequences of, or in reverence of any loss caused by, inaccuracies or misrepresentations for which he is responsible and on which the broker has relied.

2. Confirmation of Dealings
Prior to entering into this agreement you ‘the client’ will have thoroughly reviewed and accepted the confirmation of Dealings

3. Referral Fee/Commission
The Lender may pay a referral fee or commission to the broker.

The referral fee or commission will have been agreed by the broker and the lender and will be paid once dealings have been completed.

The client has the right to ask what this amount is and the broker agrees to disclose this amount fully.

The amount of the referral fee or commission will vary depending on the lender and product chosen by the client.

3.1 The client agrees to the broker receiving and retaining any referral fees/commission received from the lender.

4. Data Protection
During the process, the Client agrees to provide the Broker with relevant information which the Broker will have permission to pass onto relevant parties to carry out background checks and to process the enquiry. Information will only be passed on if needed to.

4.1 In line with the Data Protection Act 1998 the client is advised that information provided may be held by the broker via computer or paper records for the required amount of time only.

Records will then be deleted/destroyed in a secure way.

5. Exclusions
The Client fully agrees that the Broker will not be held liable for any loss caused, directly or indirectly, by dealings with the Broker.

6. Trademark
MoneyGiant and the MoneyGiant Logo are Registered Trademarks of MoneyGiant Ltd and must not be used without prior consent from MoneyGiant Ltd.

7. Website Content
All content and material on this website is not to used/copied /distributed in anyway without prior consent from MoneyGiant Ltd.

8. Complaints
In the unlikely event you feel the need to complain, please email

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